Evolution & Concept

Amazing Weed Removal

I used the ELT a lot this year most memorably working on a very difficult weed, “mugwort” Artemisia
ELT did a great job lifting its many many roots from the Sandy soil we were working with. 

Umar M.

Made our work easier

We have a landscaping business and were asked to try out the EarthLifter. Compared to our regular tools this made digging and lifting much easier.

Bob M.

Big help in our vegetable garden

We have a small vegetable garden and tilling the soil between plantings has always been a chore. I was amazed when I tried the EarthLifter how easy it was to break up the soil and aerate it. I won't need to rent a rototiller anymore.

John T.

Used it in our greenhouse

Our commercial operation runs year round. Our plants have to get moved regularly but we have to take care not to damage them. Surprisingly when we tried the EarthLifter the plants came out without the roots getting damaged.

Cindy B.

MANTS 2022 Debut

Attendees got the first look at this Revolutionary Tool...a TRULY ergonomic tool that makes sense in many many ways. Click to read the press release https://www.24-7pressrelease.com/press-release/487651/the-earthlifter-tool-debuts-at-mants-2022-unique-design-creates-a-new-class-of-tool