A 4:1 mechanical advantage (lift 80 pounds with less than 20 pounds of EFFORT).

Greatly REDUCES Strain on back discs, neck, elbows, shoulder...prevents injury.

Promotes and ENABLES those with AGE Related or other Physical DISABILITIES to Enjoy Gardening.

Works WITH GRAVITY not Against. You Push DOWN, the EarthLifter LIFTS 'IT' UP.

Your posture is IN ALIGNMENT WITH SPINAL ORIENTATION. No twisting or bending.

Two wide diamond plate footplates provide foot support when digging.

Patented “Rolling Fulcrum” geometry allows strong and CONTROLLED GENTLE Lifting.

Perfect tool for LIFTING Delicate Flowers, Tubers and Bulbs: DAHLIA, IRIS, PEONY, etc.

Wonderful for harvesting root crops like Potatoes, Garlic, and others.

Great tool for multiple uses in Hobby Farms, Market Gardening, or large Homestead Garden.

The EarthLifter opens Gardens: Pulling up GRASSES, TILLING, Removing ROCKS, WEEDS, and STUMPS.

Good soil science: gentle “tilling” maintains mycorrhizal network and allows water to penetrate.

The EarthLifter is a year round tool from Tilling to Harvest.


Professional tool for MANY landscaping projects. PREFERRED tool for Specialty Landscapers.

Noxious weed experts LOVE the EarthLifter: Poison Ivy, Japanese Barberry and other TICK Habitats.

Prevents many on the job injuries for you and workers. The EarthLifter is designed for spine and joints CARE.

Does the WORK of several garden tools; lowers cost of operation. Provides for SAFE transplantation of Delicate Root System Plants.

Unique curved tine design and other geometries LIFT ROOT BALLS for EASY relocation.

A tool Designed to be a MACHINE and your extra helper.

How to Use The Earthlifter

The Many Uses & Benefits of The EarthLifter

Evolution & Concept

Amazing Weed Removal

I used the ELT a lot this year most memorably working on a very difficult weed, “mugwort” Artemisia
ELT did a great job lifting its many many roots from the Sandy soil we were working with. 

Umar M.

Made our work easier

We have a landscaping business and were asked to try out the EarthLifter. Compared to our regular tools this made digging and lifting much easier.

Bob M.

Big help in our vegetable garden

We have a small vegetable garden and tilling the soil between plantings has always been a chore. I was amazed when I tried the EarthLifter how easy it was to break up the soil and aerate it. I won't need to rent a rototiller anymore.

John T.

Used it in our greenhouse

Our commercial operation runs year round. Our plants have to get moved regularly but we have to take care not to damage them. Surprisingly when we tried the EarthLifter the plants came out without the roots getting damaged.

Cindy B.

Works Effortlessly With Tubers

I just thought I'd let you know how much I appreciate your ELT. I purchased it a year ago at the Hartford CT flower show and I've used it a lot, it really does work. Lifting glads and dahlias were a breeze, the real challenge came with lifting our giant canna lily tubers. Some of the clumps were over 2 feet in diameter and in the past I've struggled lifting them with a regular garden fork. With your ELT it made the job much easier. It is now my go to garden fork!

Donald H